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About Us

Better homes for better living is what Ewald homes has been all about for over a decade.


Ewald Homes is one of Chatham-Kent's premier custom home builders.  We  specialize in major renovations in the Chatham-Kent and Windsor area.


When you choose Ewald Homes, You’re working with experience.  Dave Ewald, president of Ewald Homes is also a member of the Chatham Kent Home Builder’s Association.  He has even served as president of the Chatham Kent Home Builders Association, and has been in home construction for over 25 years.

Ewald Homes builds quality into every home we construct.  Professional workmanship comes standard in every project but our effort to make your house a home goes far beyond that.  Dave Ewald always begins with you, the homeowner, and a personal consultation… but that is just the start.  You will be involved in the design process and build every step of the way.  Dave Chatham-Kent based home building team knows that building a home that is right for you and your family really means building a custom home that fits your lifestyle.

From a smaller starter home to an executive dream home, our team of professional contractors will focus on building your home exactly the way you want it constructed.  Dave Ewald will also maintain direct, hands-on contact with your custom home building project to ensure only the best materials, methods and standards are used.   If you're looking for a custom home builder in Chatham-Kent, you just found one of the best.  Ewald Homes...we don't just build houses, we build homes. 


Ken K

“In 1999 Ewald Homes built our dream house. I would highly recommend to you the services of Ewald Homes. What sets Ewald Homes apart from the rest? That’s a legitimate question as we researched the market of home builders quite extensively.What sold us on Ewald Homes is Dave Ewald himself.  Dave is energetic, positive, insightful and truly a visionary.  Not only is Dave an enjoyable person to do business with, but also he pours his heart and soul into the project at hand.  His commitment to “the job” spreads to his associates also. Dave’s team of people are not only the most talented group of workers I’ve met, but also happy, positive and energetic. I know, as a person in business, that if the people doing the job are happy and seem to enjoy the job, it’s no longer just a job, but a passion to do the best.


The second thing that sold us on Ewald Homes is Dave’s association with certain ‘Sub-Trades’.  As Ewald Homes can’t do every task that goes into your house, Dave has aligned himself with what I consider to be the best sub-trades in the market.  Although a sub-trade might be on the site today, Dave is always nearby assuring the owner that their wishes are being communicated properly.

If you ask someone who just built a house, ‘How did it go?’ or ‘Would you do it again?’, you would probably get a mixture of answers. I personally have never known anyone who told me how enjoyable it was or that they got exactly what they wanted. They usually tell a story about how the thousands of decisions nearly drove them to divorce.  Most people will tell you that if a relationship can withstand building a house together, it can withstand anything.  The building of our house was indeed a most enjoyable experience; we did get exactly what we wanted. My marriage never suffered one argument with regards to building the house.  If areas of concern arose, Dave always had a solution that made sense.


I would gladly use Dave’s services on my next house. If you take on thing out of this story, please know that Dave Ewald from Ewald Homes is most knowledgeable with regards to building people’s dreams.”

Gary D

“I can’t imagine having a more pleasant experience building a home. Dave was straightforward, accomodating
and made a true effort to make everything the way we wanted it to be.
I’ve rarely met someone who is so genuinely customer-focused.”

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